SKC Request for Instrument Service/Repair

Even quality equipment like SKC pumps and chargers need occasional service or repair. No one knows SKC equipment better than SKC -- the people who make it. The SKC Service and Repair Team offers over 50 years of knowledge and experience combined with genuine SKC parts to keep your SKC equipment in prime operating condition. Use the form below to tell us about your service or repair needs.

SKC Standard Service/Repair Fees

Standard SKC Service/Repair includes inspection, replacement of expendable parts (including stack if needed*), and recalibration. Standard service does not include motor, battery, or control board replacement; additional fees will be added for these components. SKC will contact you for authorization.

Equipment Price
220 Series AirChek TOUCH $250.00
224 Series AirChek 52, 44XR, XR5000 $250.00
222 Series PCXR8 $300.00
222 Series PCXR4 $275.00
222 Series Low Flow Pump $250.00
210 Series AirChek 2000, Pocket Pump $300.00
110 Series AirLite Pump $165.00
100 Series Leland Legacy Pumps* $250.00*
QuickTake 15 Pump $250.00
QuickTake 30 Pump* $440.00*
223 Series 5-Station Chargers $95.00
Obsolete/out of production pumps, if repairable $325.00
770 EPAM, HAZ-DUST I and IV $215.00
Inspection fee per charger/low flow holder/battery/etc $17.00/ea

QuickTake 30 and Leland Legacy pump stacks contain the motor; therefore, an additional fee will be added to the above price if the stack must be replaced in these pumps.

Recalibration and repair of Quest instruments are available, Contact SKC for a quotation


SKC Basic Equipment Evaluation Service Fees

Basic pump evaluation service includes inspection and evaluation of battery and pump performance. If possible, pump will be recalibrated to factory condition. Pumps should be in working order and free of major defects such as cracks or missing parts. A certificate with all test results will be issued at the end of the service. Additional fees will be added if the pump fails testing or needs replacement parts. SKC will contact you for authorization before proceeding.

Eligible pumps include:
AirLite • Pocket Pump • XR5000 • Pocket Pump TOUCH • AirChek TOUCH •
44XR • PCXR4 • PCXR8 • QuickTake 30

Basic Pump Service Fee ........................................................................................................... $ 100.00/ea

Please complete this form and click Submit. DO NOT SHIP THE PRODUCT YET! Upon receipt, the SKC Service Department will issue a Returns Authorization (RA) number.

SKC Service/Repair Request
SKC Service/Repair Request Form
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