This Level of Noise Monitoring Was Unheard of...

Personal Noise Dosimeter — Easiest to Use, Most Reliable Value

Introducing the SKC NoiseCHEK Dosimeter! Designed for ease of use and accuracy by our team of Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists, NoiseCHEK provides more data and versatility than any Class 2 dosimeter on the market. Experience seamless noise measurement along with the high level of SKC quality, service, and expertise you trust.

NoiseChek with Callouts NoiseChek with Dock and Callouts

                     1/3 Octave Band Filter standard on ALL MODELS!




Sound Level Meter — Ease, Versatility, and Value

SKC SoundCHEK Essential is exactly what you need to perform workplace noise assessments and environmental monitoring. Get easy setup, intuitive operation, and high versatility in a sound level meter — at a great value. SoundCHEK Essential by SKC gives you a direct line to the experts you trust for quality, service, and support.



Cloud-connected Multi-application Sound Level Meters

SKC brings wireless connectivity to sound measurement with SoundCHEK Connect Sound Level Meters. Perform measurements with one of the easiest-to-use instruments on the market while data stores in your secure cloud account, ready for reporting. SoundCHEK Connect works just as easily in non-wireless environments. SoundCHEK Connect by SKC gives you a direct line to the experts you trust for quality, service, and support.



Acoustic Calibrators for SKC Noise Instruments

The SKC AcoustiCHEK Calibrator is specifically designed for easy calibration of the SKC NoiseCHEK Dosimeter and SoundCHEK Essential/SoundCHEK Connect Sound Level Meters with ½-inch microphones. In the lab or in the field, AcoustiCHEK has you covered.

AccoustiChek with Sound Connect