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Respirable Dust Samplers: Performance Criteria and Available Samplers (18:27)

In this webinar, respirable dust and the ISO 7708 (ISO/CEN) performance criteria for samplers are defined and explained.    Next, respirable dust samplers that meet the ISO 7708 criteria are discussed starting with respirable dust cyclones and followed by newer options such as the SKC PPI samplers.



Air Sampling To Meet the OSHA Final Rule on Respirable Crystalline Silica Technician level (runtime 41:29)

This technician level course is designed to help those new to air sampling. The webinar covers introductory notes on sampling in the OSHA final rule, technical details on the three key components in collecting an air sample, OSHA criteria for respirable dust samplers, sampler options, details on sample duration and calculating a TWA, and a direct-reading device to supplement compliance sampling.


UPDATED! — Active Sampling for Air Contaminants (runtime 51:56)

View this basic introduction to active air sampling for gases, vapors, dusts, mists, and fumes using sorbent tubes, bags, impingers, and filters with size-selective samplers.

Size-selective Sampling of Particulate Matter for Occupational Hygiene (runtime 34:07)

View this workshop on defining particulate matter, occupational and environmental particulate sampling, and the traditional and new samplers available to meet sampling and analytical methods.

Passive Diffusive Samplers: A Comprehensive Review (51:50)

This presentation covers basic scientific principles, frequently asked questions, and the science and technology of passive samplers.

Sampling For Contaminants of Biological Origin (runtime 34:15)

Download this broad look at biological contamination, including definitions, symptoms and determination of exposure, moisture-measuring instruments, general contamination guidelines, and available sampling techniques.


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