SKC Videos

Sometimes, seeing is believing. View SKC videos for demonstrations of basic industrial hygiene practices and the features and use of SKC and other products for industrial hygiene sampling and monitoring. (All links play the video on YouTube within the window on the SKC website.)

Featured Videos

Introducing Pocket Pump TOUCH

SKC PPI Silica Sampling


Tech Spot Videos

Short instructional videos showing the proper setup and operation of featured products

New SKC AirChek TOUCH Sample Pump

SKC ULTRA III Passive Samplers

SKC Sampler for Viable Aerosols

SKC Deployable Sampler Systems

HAZ-SCANNER EPAS Wireless Environmental Perimeter Air Station

Air Sampling Questions and Answers

AirChek XR5000 Pump Video

MethChek Immunoassay Wipe Kit Video Instruction


Tech Klip Demonstration Videos

SKC Tech Klips are short videos demonstrating pump calibration and sampling trains with various sampling media.


High Flow Calibration/Sampling with Filter Cassette and Cyclone

High Flow Calibration/Sampling with Filter Cassette

High Flow Calibration/Sampling with Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI) Video