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  • FlexFoil is now available in Standard and PLUS
    • Standard FlexFoil offers economy for sulfur compounds and low molecular weight gases
    • FlexFoil PLUS is specially cleaned for VOCs (low ppm to high ppb) in addition to sulfur compounds and low molecular weight gases

  • Low backgrounds
    • Specially cleaned FlexFoil PLUS provides VOC detection and good storage stability

  • Good stability for low molecular weight compounds such as CO, CO2, methane, hydrogen, and SF6

  • Good 48-hour stability for hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, carbonyl sulfide, and methyl and ethyl mercaptan

  • Strong, flexible, evenly sealed 4-ply (5-mil) material

  • Light and moistureproof
    • Excellent for light-sensitive compounds

  • Choice of all-in-one polypropylene or stainless steel hose/valve and septum fittings

  • Stocked in a variety of sizes; custom bags available

  • Breath-gas analysis bags for end-exhaled air determined BEIs

why SKC Sample bags?





FlexFoil PLUS Sample Bag Applications
  • Biogas and landfill gas (LFG) sampling
  • VOCs
  • Pollution level monitoring
  • Site sampling/mobile surveys
  • Breath analysis
  • Calibration gas transfer
  • Calibration mixtures
  • Leak/spill exposure assessment

Choose the FlexFoil Bag for your application!
Standard FlexFoil*
FlexFoil PLUS
Lower cost
Specially cleaned for low-level detection
4-ply (5-mil) material
Light and moisture-proof
Strong and flexible
Collect VOCs
Collect low molecular weight compounds
(CO, CO2, methane, hydrogen)
Collect sulfur compounds
Collect hydrogen sulfide (2-day storage)

* Standard FlexFoil sample bags are not suitable for collecting low ppm to high ppb VOCs due to the constituents of the Standard FlexFoil material. Use FlexFoil PLUS sample bags for sampling VOCs.

Excludes CO2 Beverage Testing Applications - please refer to SKC TrueBlue™ Beverage Industry Bags, manufactured by SKC exclusively for Airborne Labs International.  For more information or to order, contact Airborne Labs International at sales@airbornelabs.com or (732) 302-1950





Performance Profile
Background Low VOC and sulfur (specially cleaned)
Stability Good for low ppm to high ppb-level VOCs; good for CO, CO2, methane, hydrogen, and SF6; good 48-hour stability for hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, carbonyl sulfide, and methyl and ethyl mercaptan
Thickness 4 ply (5 mil)
Sample Pump Grab Air or Pocket Pump TOUCH; also see the Vac-U-Chamber