Your Trusted and Essential Source and Guide to SKC solutions  

For decades, the SKC Domestic and International Catalogs have been a trusted and essential source of and guide to SKC’s leading sampling solutions (and expertise) for the industrial hygienist and other OEHS professionals. SKC catalogs are structured for user convenience with products organized to meet your needs. Our unique scholars’ columns provide helpful information and tips. SKC catalogs are a great resource on the shop floor and in the lab, field, or classroom. Now you can even access a PDF of our catalogs on your mobile devices! 

The back half of the full-color 248-page book contains the popular SKC Air Sampling Guide with entries to over 2500 compounds and sampling information based on OSHA, NIOSH, ASTM, and EPA methods (International also includes HSE). While the print and PDF versions of the catalog and Sampling Guide are updated every two years, the latest Sampling Guide information is always available online.

Get your SKC Catalog! 

SKC catalogs are now available in print and as a PDF to meet your needs.