SKC OSHA/NIOSH/ASTM Sampling Guide for Organonitrogen pesticides (see specific compounds)

Chemical Hazard

Organonitrogen pesticides (see specific compounds)

CAS. No.

Sampling Methodology

NIOSH 5601

Sampling Parameters

Agency Standards (ppm)





240 L

1000 ml/min

4 hrs

Analytical Method


SKC Sampling Equipment

Sorbent Tube:226-58 or

Sorbent Tube:226-30-16 

Air Sampling Pump:220-5000TC 

Limit of Detection

See specific compounds


Tube 226-58 is specified by the method. Tube 226-30-16 is noted in the method as having equivalent desorption efficiencies for organonitrogen pesticides.

This SKC Air Sampling guide is a reference only to assist users in finding the method, sampling equipment, and sampling media for a specific compound. This publication is intended for general information only and should not be used as a substitute for reviewing applicable government regulations, equipment operating instructions, or legal standards. Users must consult the appropriate sampling method for the compound of interest before sampling. The sampling parameters shown here are suggestions based on the ranges or volume, flow, and time specified in the methods. It is the responsibility of the analyst performing the sampling and analysis steps to adjust the parameters so that the required detection limits can be obtained. The information contained in this document should not be construed as legal advice or opinion nor as a final authority on legal or regulatory procedures.

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