03/19/2021   |  

Scenario: Workers have identified a strange smell and are experiencing nasal irritation. You need to evaluate the hazard and exposure level with fast on-site results to put controls in place as quickly as possible.

Solution: An ideal tool is Gastec Detector Tubes used with the Gastec handheld piston pump. This simple method is based on drawing air into the tube with the pump, allowing the tube's chemical reagents to absorb and react with the gas/vapor to produce a color stain, and reading the length of the stain on the tube's highly accurate measurement scale.

Detector tube applications range from determining and measuring concentration peaks and detecting leaks to air analysis in sewers, shafts, and confined spaces. Detector tube monitoring is ideal for spot sampling and can be more accurate than electronic gas detectors. How do you know which tube to use? Check out this convenient Gastec Detector Tube List.

We recommend ordering detector tubes from factory-direct Gastec distributors, like SKC Inc., who offer faster deliveries from large on-site inventory, support from factory-trained product specialists, and special offers.

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