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October is National Protect Your Hearing Month (#NPYHM) when young individuals are encouraged to think about their own hearing with an emphasis on early identification and intervention for noise-induced hearing loss. This annual event is a reminder to increase awareness in occupational settings as well. For OEHS professionals, every month is #NPYHM through anticipation and recognition of the hazard, performance of noise surveys to evaluate exposures, and then use of exposure data and audiometric testing to determine the workers who belong in a hearing conservation program and the controls needed to reduce/prevent further exposure and noise-induced hearing loss. Confirmation through further monitoring is the last step. 
In this post, we focus on the assessment of noise exposure. You might hear us say that the SKC NoiseCHEK Personal Noise Dosimeter helps you reduce or prevent hearing loss. But how does it do that exactly? Quite simply, we feel that the easier a tool like the NoiseCHEK personal dosimeter is to set up, calibrate, and operate, the more accurate the exposure data and subsequent choice of controls. This is particularly true for professionals who do not monitor noise daily. Having an instrument that you can pick up, set up, and use without complex decision-making makes for efficiency and a lower chance of error. 
So, why is NoiseCHEK easier to set up, calibrate, and operate?  The high-level answer is that SKC’s Team of Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists (COHCs) designed NoiseCHEK with you, the OEHS professional, in mind.  The Team leveraged its decades of combined experience in noise instrumentation, compiled a noise dosimeter wish list, and then moved forward with designing the easiest-to-use noise dosimeter available. 

Here are some key features OEHS professionals said they wanted and the NoiseCHEK solution: 

  • Very simple, intuitive operation. You can’t get any easier than a bright green checkmark button for yes/go and red X button for no/stop! Screen language is simple and navigation easy.  
  • Multiple programmable virtual dosimeters. NoiseCHEK features 4 virtual dosimeters for simultaneous compliance monitoring. 
  • A large easy-to-read screen, viewable in all light conditions. NoiseCHEK features the largest display on a cable-free dosimeter and is front-lit for challenging viewing environments. 
  • A secure windscreen! NoiseCHEK has a locking windscreen. Say goodbye to compromised study results due to lost windscreens. 
  • The ability to see status from a distance. NoiseCHEK’s bright multi-color LED collar indicates mode, status, and connection that you understand at a glance.  
  • Automatic calibration. No calibration adapter is needed. Place the SKC AcoustiCHEK Calibrator on the NoiseCHEK microphone…NoiseCHEK’s screen displays PASS or FAIL. No more guessing!  
  • More data in the palm. One screen contains all the information you need. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity! NoiseCHEK is available with or without Bluetooth to meet your needs. 
  • Software and mobile app convenience. DataTrac dB Software for PC provides for easy setup, scheduling, downloading, device lockout, exclusion and offset zone creation, file sharing, compliance report generation with graphs, and more. The SmartWave dB mobile app for Apple and Android communicates with NoiseCHEK via Bluetooth for operation, history, field notes, and compliance report generation that you can email or text on the go. 
  • Secure charging. The NoiseCHEK’s magnetic charging docks securely hold one or five units securely in place. 
  • Intrinsic safety. NoiseCHEK is available with or without intrinsic safety to meet your applications. 

You can see how NoiseCHEK makes noise surveys easier and is attuned to your specific needs. That’s why we say the SKC NoiseCHEK Personal Noise Dosimeter helps you prevent hearing loss. 

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