Respirable PPI Samplers - Disposable

The unique, patented Disposable Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI®) Samplers provide a precise match to the ISO 7708/CEN criteria in the OSHA Silica Rule and NIOSH respirable dust methods. All Disposable PPI Samplers contain pre-oiled impaction substrates that effectively trap larger particles for sample integrity. Single-use Disposable PPI Sampler models are offered for use at 2, 4, or 8 L/min and are available empty or preloaded. Choose from preloaded preweighed or not preweighed. SKC recommends using an AirChek Series Sample Pump for 2 and 4 L/min PPI or the Leland Legacy Sample Pump for the 8 L/min PPI. Reusable aluminum PPI Samplers are available.

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