Fast, Accurate, and Reliable Pump Calibration 

Available in High, Medium, and Low Flow Ranges 


If you need fast, easy, accurate pump flow rate verification on the go, you are in the right place. The SKC chek-mate® Flowmeters contain the features and accuracy that really matter when you are verifying air sampling pump flow rates for the essential mission of monitoring personal airborne exposures in the workplace. 

  • Single-button easy operation 
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, and sleek—fits in a pocket or your hand 
  • 9-volt alkaline battery and short stabilization time—ready when you are 
  • CalChek® automatic flow rate verification with AirChek® TOUCH and Leland Legacy® Sampling Pumps 
  • Continuous moving-average flow reading for faster flow rate verification  
  • Large display 


With 1% volumetric accuracy of reading over the optimal measuring range, SKC chek-mate Calibrators use differential pressure sensing and built-in sensors that adjust for changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure to ensure accuracy of pump flow rate verification and data integrity.  

chek-mate Calibration Verified and Certified 

Our ISO/IEC 17025:2017-accredited calibration laboratory calibrates chek-mates against NIST, UK, or ISO national standards and includes the verification certificate with the calibrator. Simply choose the model and calibration certification you need for your applications.  

About the Technology 

SKC chek-mate Flowmeters are orifice-type (differential pressure sensing) flowmeters considered to be “working standards with traceability”. Readings are determined by using a differential pressure sensor to measure the pressure drop across an orifice caused by the flow of air through the orifice. This type of flowmeter gives a mass flow reading, meaning that the pressure drop across the orifice will be constant for a given mass flow of gas independent of the density of the gas. The chek-mate Flowmeters’ built-in ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure sensors use the readings of these sensors to correct the mass flow reading generated through measurement to the current ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. This results in a flow reading that is equivalent to a volumetric flow reading when the inlet of the flowmeter is open to the atmosphere.

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