SKC Meth Residue Kits Help Keep People Safe 

Ideal for first responders, Social Services, and OEHS professionals 


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Methamphetamine production and use are still a major issue and one that many first responders, social services, property owners, and people in multiple occupations can encounter. Large quantities of the drug have even been discovered recently packed in with food shipments. In addition to keeping first-responders and other personnel safe from occupational exposure to meth residue, OEHS professionals often intersect with methamphetamine residue when they are called in as specialists or consultants to oversee cleanup of building and environments and provide clearance that it is decontaminated to meet state-relevant cleanup levels prior to re-occupancy.  

Frequently, professionals need to know quickly on-site if meth residue is present above a specific level or if residue remains after cleanup. Whether you need a quick on-the-spot colorimetric alert to meth residue hot spots or a semi-quantitative post-assessment tool for on-the-spot determination of the need for further cleanup, SKC has a meth residue kit that can help you. Developed by CDC-NIOSH and brought to you by SKC—these are reliable science-based tools you can trust. 

Two Tools to Help You Locate and Determine Methamphetamine Residue 

MethAlert is a first line defense tool. The fast on-site color development provides the answers you need to make field decisions on the spot. Quickly identify meth residue hots spots from 15 to 5000 µg/100 cm2 with this easy colorimetric wipe test. See Conformance of MethAlert to NIJ Standard-0604.01

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  • Social services use MethAlert to determine if meth has been cooked or smoked in a case home 
  • Law enforcement determines if meth has been cooked or smoked recently. 
  • Property owners test for possible contamination in leased properties 
  • OEHS professionals investigate a suspect property 
  • Firefighters check non-disposable PPE to verify decontamination after responding to a meth lab 
  • Consultants determine travel of contamination in multi-room buildings such as hotels and apartments 


MethChek is the most sensitive meth field test kit available. It is actually a semi-quantitative immunoassay wipe kit that can detect meth residue on surfaces down to the lowest state cleanup guideline of 50 ng/100 cm2. Kits are also available to 100, 500, and 1500 ng sensitivities so that you can match your state guideline. See more on MethChek Performance

MethChek Step 1                          MethChek Step 2                          MethChek Step 3

  • Professionals use MethChek for pre-cleanup assessment of meth lab sites to determine areas of minimal vs heavy contamination 
  • MethChek helps consultants create a cleanup plan and determine appropriate level of PPE for cleanup crews 
  • Professionals use MethChek to assess post-cleanup to determine if cleanup crews can be released or if more cleaning is required to reach state cleanup levels. 
  • MethChek has even been used safely on animal fur to determine contamination 
  • Combine MethAlert and MethChek as complementary tools for easy pre-assessment and cleanup plan development.  


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For quick meth hot spot determination 

Is clean really clean? Get an on-the-spot answer before releasing cleanup crews.