SKC NoiseCHEK Dosimeter

The easiest-to-use and most OEHS-friendly personal dosimeter is now available for hazardous environments!

SKC introduces the intrinsically safe SKC NoiseCHEK Dosimeter! Designed for ease of use and accuracy by our team of Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists, NoiseCHEK provides more versatility than any Class 2 dosimeter on the market. 

While many non-intrinsically safe NoiseCHEK dosimeters are currently deployed, the new intrinsically safe NoiseCHEK models expand your applications to petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, mining, consultative services, and beyond.

When you choose NoiseCHEK, you experience seamless noise measurement and calibration, Bluetooth connectivity with mobile devices and SmartWave dB app, next-generation DataTrac dB PC software, the largest in-class display, more data in your palm, and so much more. All this…plus the high level of SKC quality, service, and expertise you trust. 


Intrinsic Safety
Check available models with and without intrinsic safety. We have a complete range of options to meet your noise survey needs.
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Learn more about available Bluetooth options, SmartWave dB mobile app, DataTrac dB PC Software, and other great features! Models are available without Bluetooth.
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Ease of Use
We think you will find NoiseCHEK to be the easiest noise dosimeter you have ever used. See NoiseCHEK in action!
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