Deployable Particulate Sampler (DPS) System

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Part Number: 100-3903

Deployable Particulate Sampler (DPS) System Overview

DPS System, for portable 10 L/min ambient PM2.5 sampling, includes a Leland Legacy programmable sample pump with connection case, (2) external Li-Ion battery assemblies with adapters (packaged separately), 100-240 V single-station charger, IMPACT sampling head, (2) filter cassettes, calibration adapter, rain cap, (25) disposable impaction substrates (limited shelf-life), filter cassette opener, tubing with quick-connect, and mounting bracket, in a heavy-duty, lockable carry case

The Deployable Particulate Sampler System fits in one compact, portable carry case and is ideal for ambient and indoor air sampling for PM10 or PM2.5. The system includes a fully programmable Li-Ion-powered sample pump for 24-hour sampling, specially designed sampling head, and accessories for fast deployment and effective sampling.


Performance Profile
See Reference below for DPS performance testing.

Particle Collection Size PM10 or PM2.5 (model dependent)
Flow Rate 10 L/min
Run Time > 24 hrs (one battery charge)
Power Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 7.4 V, 12-Ah capacity, 88.8 Wh
Case Dimensions 18.5 x 14.1 x 6.9 in (47 x 36 x 18 cm)
System Weight 13 lbs (5.9 kg)
Impaction Substrate 37-mm, pre-oiled porous plastic disc
Collection Filter 47-mm quartz or PTFE
  • Pump Flow Rate : 5 to 15 L/min
  • PC Compatible : Yes
  • Programable : Yes
  • Intrinsic Safety : No
  • Battery Type (Power) : Li-Ion
  • Approx Run Time : 24 hours
  • Constant Flow : Yes

Deployable Particulate Sampler (DPS) System

DPS System

Patented IMPACT sampling head for DPS
Patented IMPACT sampling head for DPS
For more information, see the Impact Sampler page.
U.S. Patent No. 7,334,453

SKC Deployable Particulate Sampler Systems provide cost-effective ambient air sampling and are ideal for applications including fenceline monitoring, near-roadway monitoring, eight-hour remediation monitoring, indoor air studies, and baseline surveys. Each system includes the fully programmable Leland Legacy Sample Pump, specially designed sampling head, and accessories for fast deployment and effective sampling.Unlike other ambient sampling systems, SKC Deployable Sampler Systems fit intoone heavy-duty Pelican case that is easily carried or shipped. Partner the DPSor DCS System with DataTrac Software for advanced scheduling options and recordkeeping.


Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for use with SKC sample pumps have been tested in accordance with the UN Manual and are proven to meet requirements of each test in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, subsection 38.3. The batteries are rated below 100 watt-hours (Wh).

Consult with your carrier for information on Lithium Battery Shipping Regulations for UN 3480 and/or UN 3481 or see SKC Sample Pump Lithium-Ion Battery Packing and Shipping Requirements for more information