Draeger X-act 7000 Automatic Sample Pump

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Part Number: 807-10800

Draeger X-act 7000 Automatic Sample Pump Overview

X-act 7000 includes basic X-act 7000, batteries, shoulder strap, MicroTube Demo, Torx T10 screwdriver, and USB cable with Mini-connector

Case sold separately.
Dräger No. 8610800

  • Gas Detector Brand : Draeger
  • Single or Multi Gas : Multi

The Dräger X-act® 7000 analysis system comprises gas-specific Dräger MicroTubes and an opto-electronic analysis device that precisely measures gases in the low ppb range. Get precise results on the spot. The very easy-to-use X-act 7000 is as simple as inserting a MicroTube into the X-act 7000’s auto-drive, starting the measurement, and observing the test result readout. Store results, location, and time in the internal datalogger and read later using Dräger CC Vision software.