Flite 4 Sample Pump Kit

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Part Number: 901-4011K

Flite 4 Sample Pump Kit Overview

Flite4 Pump Kit, includes 7-Ah battery, charger (100-240 V), and 39 inches (1 meter) of Tygon tubing

Flow range: 2 to 20 L/min

The Flite 4 high flow area air sampling pump offers a flow range of 2 to 20 L/min, is robust and versatile, and provides over 12-hour run times for sampling asbestos and other particulates. The pump is ideal for use with asbestos and other filter cassettes and bioaerosol samplers.
The Flite 4 air sampling pump is CE Marked. Flite 4 is not UL Listed for intrinsic safety.


  • Area and environmental monitoring
  • Biosampling
  • Indoor air studies
  • Asbestos monitoring
  • Long-term background monitoring
  • Stack sampling

Performance Profile

Flow Range 2 to 20 L/min
Operating Temperature 23 to 122 F (-5 to 50 C)
Battery (sold separately) Lead-acid; available with 7-ah capacity

4.4 x 6.4 x 8 in
(11.2 x 16.3 x 20.3 cm)

Weight (pump only) 4.5 lbs (2.06 kg)
  • Pump Flow Rate : 2 to 20 L/min
  • PC Compatible : No
  • Programable : Yes
  • Intrinsic Safety : No
  • Battery Type (Power) : Lead-acid 7Ah 12V and AC Mains
  • Approx Run Time : 12 hours
  • Constant Flow : No
  • Wide flow range: 2 to 20 L/min
    • CE Marked
    • Fully programmable
    • Manual run
    • Timed run and delayed start
    • Intermittent sampling
    • Robust steel casing
    • Sturdy handle for easy portability
    • Long run times
    • High-performance sampling capabilities
    • Convenient front mounted power socket
    • Battery or AC operation

The highly versatile SKC Flite4 air sample pump provides high-performance sampling for asbestos and
other particulates. With features such as a robust steel casing to withstand daily rigors, a front-mounted
power socket to provide easy access for charging or powering, and a sturdy handle for portability, the
Flite4 is the choice for most high-volume sampling applications. Use the fully programmable timer
to set a manual run, a timed run with or without delayed start, or intermittent sampling. Flite4 is
ideal for area and environmental monitoring, stack sampling, indoor air studies, asbestos monitoring,
biosampling, and long-term background monitoring.

Typical Run Time*

Flow (L/min)
Run Time (Hrs)
25-mm MCE, 0.8 µm
25-mm MCE, 0.8 µm
25-mm MCE 0.8 µm
25-mm MCE 1.2 µm
25 mm MCE 1.2 µm
25 mm MCE 1.2 µm
25-mm Glass Fiber
25-mm Glass Fiber
25-mm Glass Fiber
* Using new, fully charged 7-Ah battery in clean factory conditions. Pump and battery performance may vary.