Grab Air Sample Pump

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Part Number: 222-2301

Grab Air Sample Pump Overview

Grab Air Bag Sampling Pump with 9-volt alkaline battery; designed to fill sample bags at 1 L/min and collects approximately 1000 liters volume on one battery
Recommended for use with sample bags up to 10-liter size
Note: Not intended for use in explosive or hazardous environments

The Grab Air fixed flow (1 L/min) economical area sample pump uses a 9-volt alkaline battery for sampling gases/vapors. The pump is ideal for use with sample bags.

Not UL Listed for intrinsic safety

Performance Profile

Flow Rate Approx. 1 L/min
Operation Time Approx. 1000 liters volume per battery dependent on battery quality
Battery Disposable 9-V alkaline
Pumping Action Diaphragm
Case Sturdy, lightweight plastic
Intrinsic Safety Not intended for use in explosive or hazardous locations
Dimensions 4.25 x 2.5 x 1.1 inches (10.8 x 6.3 x 2.7 cm)
Weight 6.6 ounces (186 grams)


Protect sample pump from weather when in use outdoors.

  • Pump Flow Rate : Other
  • PC Compatible : No
  • Programable : No
  • Intrinsic Safety : No
  • Battery Type (Power) : Alkaline
  • Approx Run Time : Other

Grab Air Sample Pump
Economical Pump for Filling Bags

Bag Sampling Train With Grab Air Sample PumpThe SKC Grab Air Sample Pump is an economical choice for grab-and-go bag sampling. Grab Air operates at a fixed flow rate of 1 L/min for up to 1000 liters volume on one 9-volt battery. Simply attach a sample bag to the outlet port and turn on the pump. Simple, quick, economical — Grab Air.

Principle of Operation
The Grab Air Sampler pulls air containing the sample into the pump at approximately 1 L/min and immediately exhausts it into a sample bag connected to the pump with PTFE tubing. Sampling is complete
when the bag is properly filled. SeeBag Sampling.

Bag Sampling

Sampling Tips

  • Use only PTFE tubing and a PTFE-lined septum for bag sampling to prevent sample loss.

  • Flush bags thoroughly with purified air or nitrogen before use.

  • Do not use bags to collect unstable or highly reactive compounds.

  • Do not ship sample bags by air unless the cargo cabin is pressurized.

  • When sampling for CO or CO2, use SKC Standard FlexFoil (263 and 263 Series) or FlexFoil PLUS (252 and 253 Series) Grab Bags.

  • Avoid filling any bag more than 80% of its maximum volume. Visually inspect the bag as it is filling to determine when sampling is complete.