GS-1 Conductive Plastic Cyclone, 10 mm

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GS-1 Conductive Plastic Cyclone, 10 mm Overview

GS-1 Single-inlet Cyclone, 10 mm, conductive plastic construction, 2-L/min flow rate for DPM sampling with a bowl adapter for DPM cassettes and a 37-mm cassette adapter

The GS-1 Cyclone is a 10-mm Dorr-Oliver equivalent design but comprised of conductive material to eliminate the electrostatic effects associated with the nylon Dorr-Oliver. Use with the SKC DPM Cassette to screen out large particles to prevent impactor and filter overload. The GS-1 Cyclone is safe for underground mine use.


Performance Profile

Sample Time Varies
Sample Rate 2 L/min for 4-µm cut-point * (OSHA silica rule)
3 L/min for 3.5-µm cut-point * (MSHA for silica standard)
1.7 or 2 L/min with DPM Cassette (MSHA DPM sampling)
Sample Pump Universal XR or AirChek Series
Sample Media DPM Cassette or 37-mm filters in 3-piece cassettes
Tubing 1/4-in ID


Trakumas, S., et al., “Performance Assessment of Personal Respirable Cyclone Samplers,” AIHce Presentation 191, 2003


  • Sampler Class : Respirable
  • Cut-point : 4 μm
  • Flow rate : 2 L/min
  • Disposable : No
  • Sampler Type : Cyclone
  • Calibration Adaptor? : No

GS-1 Respirable Dust Cyclone
Equivalent Design to
10-mm Nylon Cyclone Without Static Concerns

GS-1 Respirable Dust Cyclone shown with Worker wearing it

Flow Rate
2 ‡ 4 ACGIH/ISO/CEN respirable convention
1.7 or 2 < 1.0 Sampling with DPM Cassette
Trakumas, S., et al., “Performance Assessment of Personal Respirable Cyclone Samplers,” AIHce Presentation 191, 2003

The lightweight 10-mm single-inlet GS-1 cyclone is an equivalent design to the 10-mm nylon cyclone. The advantage is its conductive plastic construction that eliminates the electrostatic effects of the non-conductive nylon cyclone making it safe for use in underground mines.

About GS-1 Cyclone Flow Rate
The GS-1 Cyclone is designed for use with the SKC DPM Cassette at 1.7 or 2 L/min and for respirable dust sampling to meet the ACGIH/ISO/CEN respirable convention with a 50% cut-point of 4.0 µm at 2 L/min.

Graph: GS1 Cyclone Efficiency Curve
Collection efficiency relative to ISO 7708 standard
(Click to enlarge)
Filter Cassette/Cyclone Holder Accessory cat. No 225-1 Using the GS-1 Cyclone with the SKC DPM Cassette
The SKC DPM Cassette with built-in precision-jeweled impactor is designed for sampling in atmospheres where it is necessary to differentiate diesel particulate matter from other respirable dust (such as coal dust) based on particle size. The built-in impactor screens out respirable particles = 1.0 µm; particles less than 1.0 µm collect on the heat-treated quartz filter. The GS-1 Cyclone can be used with the DPM Cassette to prevent the impactor from clogging in atmospheres where larger particles (> 4 µm) may be present as recommended in NIOSH Method 5040.

Kar, K. and Gautam, M., "Orientation Bias of the Isolated 10 mm Nylon Cyclone at Low Stream Velocity," AIHA Journal, Vol. 56 (1995), pp. 1090-1098

Trakumas, S., et al., Performance Assessment of Personal Respirable Cyclone Samplers, AIHce Presentation 191, 2003, (Powerpoint Presentation)

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