HD-1620, IMPACTOR, 10.0 UM

HD-1620, IMPACTOR, 10.0 UM

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Part Number: 770-1621

HD-1620, IMPACTOR, 10.0 UM Overview

PM10 Impactor for HD-1620, requires Cat. No. 770-1630.  Requires PM Air Intake SSPM-1620, which fits all impactors and is included in HD-1620 Kit

The new Environmental Devices Corporation HD-1620 is the only handheld monitor with built-in U.S. AQI for PM2.5! This multi-parameter real-time respiratory air monitor is designed specifically for firefighters, first responders, and occupational hygienists. Identify health concerns in real-time and get the information you need to set up engineering controls for workers such as N95 masking, SCBA respiratory protection, ventilation controls, evacuation, and/or reentry plans to meet your state’s wildfire smoke rule. The HD-1620 is versatile...use it held in your hand, strapped to your hand, clipped to your belt or turn-out gear, or mounted on a tripod. Even with gloves, the large one-button “Go/No Go” provides for easy and rapid deployment. The HD-1620 also complements the EPA PM2.5 and PM10 reference method for outdoor applications to help maintain compliance.


  • Smoke and wildfires
  • Silica
  • Lead
  • Pharmaceutical dust
  • Paint spray
  • Toxic soil remediation
  • Chromate
  • Dry chemicals
  • Wood dust
  • Nuisance dust
  • Heavy metals
  • Construction dusts
  • Concrete/cement
  • Urban AQI monitoring
  • Office IAQ
  • Ventilation efficiency
  • Product Type : Particulate Monitor
  • Silica Dust Monitoring : No
  • Personal Dust Monitoring : No
  • Ambient PM Monitoring : Yes




Sensing Range: 1-500,000ug/m3

Particle Size Range:  0.1-100 um

Precision: 0.002 mg/m3 or 2 ug/m3

Accuracy: +/- 10% to filter gravimetric SAE  fine test dust

Zero Stability:  +/- 0.001 mg/m3  or 1 ug/m3

Humidity : 95% non condensing

Temperature: 0-50 C  or 32- 122F

Real-Time Display Data: Time: Hours, Min, sec, 12 & 24 hr Date: mm/DD/YYYY, YY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YY Data Display: Concentration mg/m3, ug/m3, PM/cm3, sampling size fraction of PM. OSHA TWA, AVE, MIN, MAC, Start time, stop time, elapsed run, log rate, flow, Real-time rolling graphs, personalized named data sets, unique aerosol profiles, language options, battery life, pump faults, flow rate, infield verification  test, sampling history.

Flow Rate:  1.5LPM User adjustable

Recording Time: 1 s. to 15 days

Sampling Rate:  1 sec., 4 sec., 10 sec., and 60 sec

Operating temp: 0 to 50°C

Battery: Lithium Ion Pack, 7.4 Volt 3350 mAh, 24.79 watts.

Operating Time:  10 hours

Data Storage:  43,200 data points

Memory Storage:  > 5 years

Weight Instrument:   1.4 lbs

Dimensions Instrument: 10″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″

Display Dimensions:  3.5″

Alarm output: 90 db at 3 ft