Quartz Filters, 102 mm

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Part Number: 225-1808

Quartz Filters, 102 mm Overview

Quartz (QM-A) Filter, 102 mm, 450 ┬Ám thick, heat treated, binder-free, no support pad included; for elemental/organic carbon, DPM, and trace-level contaminants, pk/100

Binder-free Quartz Depth Filters offer superior purity for the collection of elemental/organic carbon, DPM, and trace-level contaminants. Tissuquartz™ and Type R-100 Quartz Filters are heat treated to reduce trace organics and feature a low-metal background. Look for Quartz Filters as bulk filters or in preloaded cassettes to meet NIOSH Method 5040 or 7908.

  • Filter Type : Depth
  • Filter Material : Quartz
  • Filter Pore Size : 102
  • Filter Diameter : 102 mm
  • Filter Cassette Material : Filter Only
  • Filter Support : No
  • Preweighed : No
  • Matched-weight : No
  • Autoclavable : Yes
  • Binder-Free : Yes

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Autoclavable, binder-free, heat-treated to remove trace organic impurities, and high-purity microfibers for collecting diesel particulates and trace-level environmental pollutants.