Sorbent Tubes, PUF

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Part Number: 226-92

Sorbent Tubes, PUF Overview

Low-volume PUF Tube, Polyurethane Foam (PUF), 76 mm, 1 section packed in a 22 x 100-mm size glass tube, fits Type P tube cover; for EPA TO-10A, IP-8, ASTM D4861, ea

Tube Ends: Glass Open

SKC precleaned and ready-to-use Low-volume PUF Tubes contain polyurethane foam (PUF) or PUF/sorbent combinations that meet the specifications of EPA and ASTM indoor and ambient air sampling methods for pesticides in homes, public buildings, and offices.

  • Tube Type : Specialty
  • Sorbent : PUF
  • Sorbent Coating : No
  • Number of Sections : 1
  • Tube Material : Glass



Precleaned and Ready to Use
SKC Low-volume PUF Tubes are precleaned to meet or exceed method specifications for purity and are packaged to allow immediate use without further treatment. .

PUF/Tenax® Multi-bed Tube for Pesticides and PCBs ASTM Method D4861 and EPA TO-10A
Packed with two 30-mm sections of polyurethane foam (PUF) and one 750-mg section of Tenax, this tube is suitable for non-occupational exposure monitoring of homes, public buildings, and office buildings. It can simultaneously collect many of the airborne chemicals that can contribute to "Sick Building Syndrome" as described in ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) D4861.
Cat. No. 226-124

PUF Tube for Pesticides EPA TO-10A and IP-8 and ASTM D4861 and D4947
Designed for sampling common pesticides including organochlorine, organophosphorus, pyrethrin, triazine, carbamate, and urea, this tube contains a single 76-mm PUF plug.
Cat. No. 226-92

PUF/XAD-2 Multi-bed Tube for Pesticides, PCBs, and PAHs
This tube contains two 30-mm sections of PUF and one 1500-mg section of XAD-2 sorbent.
Cat. No. 226-143

PUF Tube with Pre-filter for Pesticides, PCBs, and PAHs
This PUF-only tube contains a glass fiber pre-filter followed by a single 76-mm PUF plug.
Cat. No. 226-126


Custom PUF Tubes Available
Custom environmental tubes and replacement PUFs are available. Contact SKC at 724-941-9701 for more information.