Sorbent Tubes, Silica Gel, Specially Cleaned

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Part Number: 226-10-03

Sorbent Tubes, Silica Gel, Specially Cleaned Overview

Sorbent Tube, Silica Gel, specially cleaned, 7 x 110-mm size, 2 sections, 400/200 mg sorbent, 20/40 mesh, fits Type B tube cover, pk/50


Tube Ends: Glass Sealed
Separators: Glass Wool/Glass Wool/Glass Fiber Filter/Glass Wool

Look for the SKC name when choosing sorbent tubes. SKC brings to you over 50 years of expertise, the support of experienced scientists, low-background sorbents, quality manufacturing, QC data online, repeatable performance, and accurate sampling.

  • Tube Type : Solvent Extraction
  • Sorbent : Silica Gel
  • Sorbent Coating : No
  • Number of Sections : 2
  • Tube Material : Glass

SKC Quality Sorbent Tubes

  • Meet NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM, EPA, and HSE specifications
  • Made with high-quality, low-background sorbents
  • SKC thorough quality control ensures sorbents and tubes meet high standards
    > Accurate sorbent weights
    > Consistent method-specified mesh size and separators
    > Uniform back pressure
    > Accurate, repeatable results
  • Large batch production of Anasorb CSC Lot 2022 charcoal to ensure availability for many years
  • Validation of reliability
    > Specified in OSHA, NIOSH, ASTM, EPA, and HSE methods
    > Used by health and safety professionals around the world for compliance and consulting
  • Sorbent background certification available online (see Certificates of Analysis)
  • Technical support from scientists
  • Hundreds of sorbent tubes for standard and specialty applications delivered quickly from stock

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