Sorbent Tubes, Stainless Steel Thermal Desorption Tubes, Tenax TA

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Part Number: 226-357


Thermal Desorption Tube, Tenax TA, 60/80 mesh, 1 section, 250 mg in a 1/4-inch OD x 3 1/2-inch size tube; fits Perkin Elmer or Markes Intl. thermal desorbers; used for ASTM D6196 and MDHS 22, 23, 31, 40, and 72, ea

Tube Ends: Stainless Steel Open
Separators: Screen/Glass Wool/Glass Wool/Screen

Each tube has a flow direction arrow and a unique number. Tubes are thermally conditioned before shipping; use within 6 months or recondition, restocking fee may apply; available unconditioned as Cat. No. 226-357-UP.

SKC offers single and multiple-bed Thermal Desorption Tubes that meet the requirements of EPA Method TO-17 for the determination of sub-ppb VOCs in ambient air. SKC Thermal Desorption Tubes are designed for compatibility with Perkin Elmer or Markes International thermal desorbers.


SKC sorbent technology research has produced superior materials for the collection of organic compounds for thermal desorption. To be suitable for thermal desorption, sorbents must meet exacting specifications that include low contaminant background, high thermal stability, and sufficient adsorptive strength to retain components of interest, yet release them quickly when heat is applied. Thermal desorption techniques offer the advantage of greatly improved analytical sensitivity. Because solvents are not used for desorption, the collected sample is not diluted and, in most cases, analytical recovery is so close to 100% that desorption efficiency corrections are not required.

  • Tube Type : Thermal Desorption
  • Sorbent : Other
  • Sorbent Coating : No
  • Number of Sections : 1
  • Tube Material : Stainless Steel