Sorbent Tubes, Tenax TA OVS

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Part Number: 226-56

Sorbent Tubes, Tenax TA OVS Overview

Sorbent Tube, Tenax TA OVS (Glass Fiber Filter), 13➞8 x 75-mm size, 2 sections, 70/140 mg sorbent, 20/35 mesh, with GO ends and FFGT separators, fits Type V tube cover, pk/10
Uniquely constructed and versatile SKC OVS tubes combine sorbent and filter into one glass tube to trap aerosols and vapors simultaneously and overcome inconveniences of earlier methods. SKC OVS Tubes meet the specifications of several OSHA, NIOSH, and non-agency methods for sampling pesticides, explosives, alcohols, and biocides.
Require an OVS Tube Holder

Performance Profile
Application - Methods
Cat. No.
OSHA 62, 63, 67, 70, 74, OSHA CSI

Organotin Compounds
(methyl tin mercaptide, stannous-2-ethyl hexaneoate, butyltin trichloride) OSHA CSI
(270/140 mg)
Glass fiber
Organophosphorous - NIOSH 5600, 5601, 5602
(270/140 mg)
Quartz fiber
(trinitrotoluene [TNT] and dinitrotoluene [DNT]) - OSHA 44

Phthalate esters
OSHA 104

Acrylates and Benzophenone
(Non-agency method)
Tenax TA®
(140/70 mg)
Glass fiber
Caprolactum vapor

NIOSH 5523
(200/100 mg)
Glass fiber

Kathon® 886 (Biocide)
(Non-agency method)

Silica gel
(520/260 mg)
Glass fiber

Non-agency method

Nylander-French L.S., Priha E., Berglund G., and Rosen G., "A Method for Monitoring Worker Exposure to Airborne Multifunction Acrylates," Applied Occupational Environmental Hygiene, Volume 9, Number 12, pp. 977-983; 1994.
Kathon® Biocide (2-Methyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-one and 5-Chloro-2-Methyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-one) Sobczak, S.S, Rohm and Haas Corp., Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Method IH9901, 2001

Kathon is a trademark of Rohm and Haas Co.


  • Tube Type : Specialty
  • Sorbent : Other
  • Sorbent Coating : No
  • Number of Sections : 2
  • Tube Material : Glass

OVS Tube with Cal louts

OSHA Versatile Sampler
OSHA originally designed OSHA Versatile Sampler (OVS) Tubes to overcome the inconveniences of earlier methods. OVS Tubes contain a filter to trap aerosols and a two-section sorbent bed to adsorb vapors in one specially constructed glass tube. Only cleaned and verified materials are used in OVS Tubes to ensure low background interference. A flow rate of 1 L/min provided by a personal sample pump is typically used to obtain volumes ranging from 60 to 480 liters. Samples are solvent extracted and analyzed by GC or HPLC with detector

For mixed-phase sampling using a true inhalable sampler that meets ISO 7708/CEN, see IFV Pro