Trap, for Glass Midget Impingers

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Part Number: 225-22

Trap, for Glass Midget Impingers Overview

Glass Trap for Glass Midget Impingers, for area sampling, can be used with or without sorbent

Glass Midget Impingers collect contaminants into a liquid medium using a known volume of air bubbles pumped through the tube. The liquid is analyzed to determine airborne concentrations. Impingers may be mounted to the side of an air sample pump or placed in a holster near the worker’s breathing zone.

  • Impinger Type : Glass

SKC Midget Impingers
About Midget Impingers
Impingers are Pyrex® glass bubble tubes designed for the collection of airborne hazards into a liquid medium. When using a personal air sampler, a known volume of air bubbles is pumped through the glass tube that contains a liquid specified in the method. The liquid is then analyzed to determine airborne concentrations. An impinger may be mounted on the side of an air sample pump or put into a holster and placed near a worker's breathing zone.

Laboratory-quality Glass Midget Impingers
SKC impingers have graduations that are accurate to within ± 0.5 ml for each increment. This helps reduce volumetric measurements required in the field and in the laboratory, while also saving time and money. Serial numbers on both sections assist withsample identification and proper part matching.

SKC offers three types of glass midget impingers for your applications.

Standard Midget Impinger contains a precisely placed standard nozzle to ensure proper collection.

Special Midget Impinger with Fritted Nozzle increases contact between the air sample and collection liquid. Many NIOSH and OSHA procedures call for this impinger.

Spill-resistant Midget Impinger with Standard Nozzle features an outlet side arm that extends midway down the impinger with capacity for all liquid in the impinger.

Impinger sampling train
Glass impinger and glass trap in holder mounted on Universal PCXR8 sample pump

Use a trap with impingers to prevent impinger liquids from being drawn into the sample pump. Solid sorbents may be added to the trap to protect the pump chamber from exposure to vapors when using a volatile liquid.

SKC fritted impingers are classified as very coarse with a 170 to 220-µm glass frit.