VersaTrap Spore Trap Cassettes, pk/10

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Part Number: 225-9820

VersaTrap Spore Trap Cassettes, pk/10 Overview

VersaTrap® Sampling Cassette, 37 mm, with microslide, for aerosol monitoring of mold spores, fibers, asbestos, and fungi; allows for quantitative analysis of biological and inorganic particles for most airborne aerosol screening applications; can be used with VersaTrap Wall Adapters to sample in wall cavities, pk/10

VersaTrap® spore trap cassettes capture mold spores and other particles ranging from 1.5 to 3.9 μm. Use VersaTrap in connection with the QuickTake 30 sample pump for IAQ investigations, cleanroom contaminant profiling, infection control, HVAC evaluation, and asbestos and wall cavity sampling.



  • Indoor Air Quality investigations
  • Cleanroom contaminant profiling
  • Infection control
  • HVAC evaluation
  • Allergy testing
  • Asbestos
  • Water intrusion
  • Fiber analysis
  • Wall cavities



Performance Profile

Sample Time: 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes
Sampling Rate: 15 L/min optimum
Sample Pump: QuickTake 30


  • Collection Method : Sticky Glass Slide
  • Biological Sample Rate : 15 L/min

VersaTrap spore trap cassettes provide the sampling versatility you need to capture mold spores and other particles ranging from 1.5 to 3.9 µm. Sampling is as easy as selecting the flow rate that will target the desired particle size (see table), calibrating a pump to the flow rate, and collecting the sample.

VersaTrap Design
The narrow slit inlet focuses particles toward the clear glass slide coated with a sticky substrate that holds the sample securely. Targeted size particles are effectively held in a well-defined rectangular footprint. Each slide is encased in a SureSeal certified leak-free cassette to ensure sample integrity.

The VersaTrap Advantage

    • Positioning notches and flat edge on slide
      Fast, easy alignment on microscope stage


    • Uniform particle deposition
      Uniform rectangular deposition provide for accurate analysis using standard equipment.


  • High collection efficiency at flows between 5 and 30 L/min
    Target specific size particles for true versatility. See table for more information.
  • Unique serial numbering for sample traceability

VersaTrap Performance

High Flows + Low cut-points + No Particle Bounce = High Collection Efficiency

Flow Rate
50% Cut-point (µm)
30 1.5
25 1.7
20 1.9
15 2.3
10 2.8
5 3.9

For further information and a performance graph, download VersaTrap Technical Note 1649: Performance of the VersaTrap Spore Trap Cassette (PDF).

VersaTrap Makes Analysis Easy

    • Slides are easily removed from the cassette


    • Positioning notches and flat edges provide for fast, easy alignment


    • Well-defined rectangular footprint for accurate analysis using standard equipment


  • Adhesive prevents blurring or wash off during staining
  • Unique serial numbers for sample traceability


QuickTake 30 Sample Pump — Ideal for Spore Traps

The SKC QuickTake 30 sample pump is especially easy to use with VersaTrap as it was designed for spore trap cassettes to mount directly onto the pump and supply the features and accessories most needed for bioaerosol screening. The highly versatile QuickTake 30 sample pump can also be used with wall samplers, standard filter cassettes, impactors, and remote media. A programmable timer allows unattended sampling.

VersaTrap is a trademark of SKC Inc.