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Occupational noise exposure is a unique and ubiquitous hazard, making easy monitoring essential in all environments. That’s where NoiseCHEK comes in. As a carefully designed easy-to-use personal dosimeter with features specifically tailored to OEHS professionals and intrinsic safety, NoiseCHEK is an important part of everyone's noise monitoring toolbox, no matter the environment. From the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries to mining, consultative services, and more, you can monitor occupational noise exposure easily and accurately with NoiseCHEK.  

NoiseCHEK not only offers the flexibility of intrinsic safety  but the advantages of extreme ease of use, AcoustiCHEK automatic calibration, four virtual dosimeters, BLE connectivity to mobile devices and app, the largest display in its class, more data in the palm of your hand, 1/1 and 1/3 octave band filters standard, high status visibility, and so many features designed specifically for your convenience. Haven’t seen NoiseCHEK in action? Check out these short demo videos. Learn more about the development of NoiseCHEK for OEHS professionals in this video

It's interesting to look back at the evolution of personal noise dosimeters. Early conventional noise surveys to determine compliance with noise regulations were performed with sound level meters (SLMs). While surveys with SLMs were accurate and somewhat representative, the instruments were not small enough to be worn by a worker. This required the presence of another person to run the survey. There were several inherent complications with this process including possible variations in the sound field, problems making measurements, and introduction of human error. Personal noise dosimetry came about as a solution to these issues and as a complement to the data SLMs provide. However, it was not until the introduction of micro-electronic technology that the practical small, cable-free instruments we use now really began to take shape. Today’s personal noise dosimeters, like NoiseCHEK, not only overcome the earliest issues in measuring personal occupational noise exposure but provide the ability to record and calculate noise exposure with high accuracy and generate reports that are most helpful for determining compliance and appropriate controls. When you hold the SKC NoiseCHEK in your palm or clip it to a worker, it represents the latest in personal noise dosimeter technology and provides even more assurance and efficiency in monitoring worker safety.  

Whether your applications require intrinsic safety or not, NoiseCHEK brings unheard of ease to noise surveys and unique features to all applications.  

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