Introducing HD-1620: Helping You Meet Your State’s Wildfire Smoke Rule and More Effective July 29, 2019, the state of California promulgated Title 8, Section 5141.1 requiring employers to take action if workplace PM2.5 concentration levels reach ≥ 55.5 μg/m3 or 151 on the U.S. Air Quality Index (AQI), regardless of the AQI for other pollutants. For worksites covered by the regulation, employers have three options for determining the need for PPE and other controls, one of which is to measure PM2.5 levels at the worksite and convert the PM2.5 results to the corresponding AQI according to the regulation’s Appendix A. Since 2019, several other states have adopted their own wildfire smoke rule.

This is where the new Environmental Devices Corporation’s HAZ-DUST HD-1620 has you covered. Not only does the HD-1620 provide real-time monitoring of PM2.5 but it also records and displays the U.S. AQI for PM2.5, eliminating the need to perform manual conversions. The HD-1620 is fast, easy, and smart. 

In addition to PM and AQI, the HD-1620 monitors temperature, RH, barometric pressure, and GPS and can be networked. With a built-in SKC air sample pump and interchangeable impactors for PM10, PM5.0, PM4.0, PM2.5, PM1.0, and TSP, the HD-1620 offers quality and true monitoring flexibility.  

Designed with the customer’s ease of use in mind, the HD-1620 is easily serviceable by the user allowing simple on-site sensor cleaning, filter changing, and more. The HD-1620 also automatically detects which PM impactor is installed and has an automatic internal calibration verification.

Choose the HD-1620 if You Need…

A monitor with built-in U.S. AQI for PM2.5.
A PM monitor with single button Go/No Go for easy, rapid deployment
A well-designed real-time PM monitor that serves multiple applications.